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Work in progress

Works in progress

Sunday Monday prompt : Tear=noun & Tear=verb May.1.2014.

Thank you Darlene Sperber for your prompt for fun day Monday prompt number six fun with words :

tear as a noun and tear as a verb.

This is an excerpt from one of my prints it’s a detail and it is of  painted ‘ tears’.

Callahan will you ‘tear ‘a detail from the print?  O.K., this detail is torn from the print.

Patterns of moonlight shifted, and in a circle of silver something shimmered

Wood Panel. Mixed Media. 2013.


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for: #5 Funday Monday blog prompt–

Natural Creative Instincts: An Earth Day Creative Celebration. This week we celebrate Earth Day! How does the natural world influence or inform your creative process?

Nature and my surroundings have always been a source of both literal material and visual  images for my work. In this painting, one gets a sense of being in the night, the moonlight, experiencing the shimmer and the image of the leaf, an actual leaf  embedded in resin. I found this one years ago and love its beauty, even in decay.

I am aware of another kind of decay, our Mother Earth, is showing signs of the abuse we have done to our planet. Its been going on for far too many years, and  is catching up with us. Many of us have been concerned, but there was this sense that any significant negative consequences would be hundreds of years in the future. How grossly untrue, the crisis is now and the window of opportunity to change our course is shrinking.  When I say our course, yes, I mean each choice we make individually, but more impact and the greatest damage has been done by big business and governments who enable these corporations.  I urge you to watch this series : Years of Living Dangerously to experience for yourself the magnitude of this issue and also the measures we can take to turn it around. (*9 part-Series available on ShowTime and youtube).

In my view we have progressed so quickly with our ability to achieve greatly with technology and other advances, but we have not progressed in terms of integrating our hearts with our minds. We would not be at this juncture if that were not so.  Recently at Morehouse college I was honored to hear Karen Armstrong TED talk  award winner, speak on Compassion, a compassionate way of living that links us to each other, a compassionate way that crosses cultural boundaries. Karen found compassion to be the unifying principle in all religions. In my view this is the most powerful, authentic way of being that can turn this potential catastrophe around,  a crisis transformed to opportunity.


“Ignore time.
Relinquish ideas and concepts.
Embrace the Oneness.

This is the Integral Way.”

Lao Tzu
Hua Hu Ching

Thank you Matt & Hannah Gould for this amazing Spring Bouquet

Spring has sprung. Patio impromptu art installation.

I love the way women are innovative with the most mundane materials at times. One of my favorite woman made soft sculptures is the crochet hats made to cover the spare toilet tissue on the back of the commode. Who woulda thunk it.
I had gotten these gloves soaking wet working in the garden. & Now I pronounce them Patio sculpture . 🙂

WCAGa Ruth Schowalter

Ruth Schowalter on blogathon for WCA Ga

Reach for the apple

From the series: Inspired by Eve
Prints available

L O V E 2.u. my artist collegues + bloggers * Callahan McDonough. Day.15.Blogathon

To my dear friend and art colleague Ruth Schowalter. You are one of a kind, a  sweetheart, passionate blogger, artist, life adventurer. Lucky to have you in my life and in our community.

 I am so glad you are who you are dearest Ruth, not brief and yet so very eloquent. Thank you so much for ‘sparking’ me forward to March with you and all the artists who joined in C4 ATL blogathon. Great experience. While I doubt I’d ever blog daily I do think I may now blog weekly, which is a discipline I’ve wanted to develop for a long while.
I have indeed had a sense of connection with each one of you and only wish I had the time and energy to go around to each blog and comment. The times I did have to do so made me feel stimulated, intrigued aware of what neat artists there are in our community. I was struck each day by the variety of approaches/solutions each artist came up with and how each was just right in its own way.
I do have a renewed interested in blogging and realize that when there are artists and individuals who actually read some of my blogs I feel more connected to them and my work as well.
A mega big THANKS to C4 Atlanta, I have joined your ranks as a member (also thanks to ms.Ruth) and am very impressed by all you are contributing to our art community.
Being a child of the 60’s I do believe in Love being the most potent, the real-est real Force in the Universe. I wish you each a lifetime of receiving and giving Love.  I pray for us and our planet PEACE.

They conspired to paint the air

They conspired to paint the air

knowing that art

is not only a way

of seeing

but a way

of being,

a passion for the light,

a tenderness at heart

just short

of being wounded by the air,

a toughness too,


They consipred to paint the air,

leaving their mark,

an obsessed life,

infinitely rich,

infinitely ripe,

tasting of peaches

and anemones,

red tile,

voile peignoirs

and air,

inhabited air.


poetry:    Erica Yong,   Becoming Light

painting:      Callahan McDonough, Patterns of Moonlight Shifted,  2013.     Wood panel, mixed media 3’x4′.


the art organizing days……tbc Callahan McDonough

I was one of the founding mothers of the Atlanta Women’s Art Collective ca. 1978 & Also the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition ca. 1978

Above our 10th Street Art Gallery.

This is the teaser of my post so I can put myself in the que for today.

To be added to be continued  tomorrow.  Out of focus for tonight.


Buy Art not People

artists blogathon day 12  C4 Atlanta

prompt: RANT

an impassioned form of expression.

There are more slaves today on the planet than any other time in history. Human trafficking, involves women, children and men.  If there is something to truly rant about for me this is it. Why  in the name of all that is can’t we find a way to be kind, share resources, and protect those in need.  About a year ago I did a tryptch for ‘Not For Sale’ Georgia chapter of NFS.  I wish I could say that the prints sold like crazy, all proceeds going to NFS. But no they did not. And in fact in an email somewhere in this process someone said of the prints ‘ WELL you know art doesn’t sell’!  So I rant about man’s inhumanity to man. I rant about all the ways people devalue each other, including us artists; certainly less tragic, but still un-necessary.

These giclee prints on archival paper, continue to be available here on my website under tab:  NFS 

Dreams of ‘HER’ she is there for me 24/7 what a gal.


Artists Blogathon Day 11. C4 Atlanta

Tools, resources & people.

1. What gaps do you have?

Technology & Photo Shop

2. Classes am I (not) dying to take?

Technology & Photo Shop

3. What resources do you feel are essential to the growth of your enterepreneurial pratice?

Technology & Photo Shop

4. If you had a super power what would it be?

Instant brilliance of the highest calibre mastery of Technology & Photo Shop, wave a of a wand. Shazzzam.

5. If you could work with anyone who would it be?

A team of tech geeks at my 24 hour disposal.

I am actually not bad on a computer, I can build a WordPress website, or a Wix website. I can do limited editing of photos (of course I have a mess in terms of organziation on my computer, especailly my photos of my art and need massive help organizing and then being able to get to my photos).   I’d  love to be fluent and be able to know all the quick tips, the ways to work effectively in photo shop, and all aspects of my computer, have a support tech team  that I can call when computer stuff isn’t working.

Maybe one like ‘Her’ she was terrific.

O.k. thats it for me tonight art buddies. Hitting a real life as opposed to virtual wall,  apres  long productive day working.







Down the yellow brick road – day 10




C4 Atlanta blogathon Day 10

Today’s prompt is all about risks, the ones I might take, the ones I’ve taken, the ones that worked, and ones that did not.

I’ve been pretty lucky; took risks and lept into the unknown, even when it was unclear if  it would ‘work out’ . However things went, the results were more opportunities, some hard knocks and more to learn. And  leap again.  About 30 years ago I started a floorcloth business, Ruby Slippers Studio, to address ‘making a living’, ‘making consistent money’ from a craft that embodied my sensibility as an artist but is a ‘decorative’ and ‘utilitarian’ product.  I have indeed made many sales and commissions, but not enough to have a steady stream of income. So yes, it has worked out, in that I have developed my designs and craft and have some results, but no, it has not work out to garner that magical artists’ steady stream of income. I am a very entrepreneurial person, so perhaps the next risk  should be to market them even more agressively.

Taking a risk is like being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. You just need something to stir you up (like a tornado), a bit of  power (like smashing the Wicked Witch & suddenly being the owner of a pair of Ruby Slippers). Then you need a community, some magic( like all the folks in Oz, even the Wizard, OR like an art community hmmm like C4 ATL perhaps)?  Finally you need companions for the journey who will help you remember your heart, your brains and your courage, and yes the guardian, (which is what ToTo means in Sanskrit).

 The way I see it, we are all on the yellow brick road and to be on the yellow brick road, to take a step, move forward is bravely, boldly taking a risk.

C4 community: ideas you have for marketing are most welcomed.  Lovely to be on and adventure with fellow artists of heart, courage, and intelligence.



Still as a Hummingbird – Day 9. 2014.

 Oh ! She said the Light is just right

As she stroked canvas, paint, marks flew

Time was still as a hummingbird




photo: Jim DeLucca


March.9.2014. day : C4 Atlanta Blogathon