It had to begin with Eve

This is the companion print to “Reach for an apple” 2012 both prints 11″ x 15″   available for purchase  : Ronna Detrick   30.00 ea.  

To listen and read in more depth Eve’s Voice:

Inspired by Eve
A workbook for self-trust, deep knowing,

and a delicious life of desire.
Audio. Text. Reflective questions. Changed story.

Ronna :   “Artist Callahan McDonough and I are collaborating together to create and curate a collection of 30 unique (and gorgeous) paintings inspired by my writings that re-imagine and redeem the stories of women in Scripture.  “

“Callahan listened to me muse and wonder and exegete Eve’s story. She took notes. She felt deeply. And then she visualized what she heard me say; what she understood as the themes and elements of Eve’s story about which I’m most passionate. The day she sent me the photograph was not unlike seeing that first ultrasound image of a new baby. And the day she sent me the 11×15  beautiful print, I felt like I was holding that child in my arms (without the labor).” ” Callahan McDonough, artist of “Eve” and many works to come.”


Callahan:  “Ronna: I experience profound affirmation from you and your writing. I feel seen and not alone…and this goodness brings me back to myself.  There is a line in Adrienne Rich’s poem Transcendental Etude where she says, ” there comes a time when we have to take ourselves more seriously or die.”   More seriously as in being fully self expressed in our lives…This  is what calls to me in Eve and her Sisters; to sit with her, with you,  and to co-create on “holy ground.” 
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Eve’s Voice

The Renegade ~

Eve. Her name elicits immediate reaction. Do you feel it? Pay attention. That spontaneous, summoned-up-from-somewhere-deep-inside response matters. It tells you something about the story you’ve been told as well as the story you are living – particularly as a woman. And aswomen, we need new stories – or at least new meaning from the old ones; new ways of understanding the old tales so that we can rewrite our own in redemptive, powerful, and renegade-like ways.

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.
—Hannah Arendt, German Political Theorist

Eve’s story is the epitome of error – and harm: in fact, it has long since ceased being a story and instead hasbecome defined meaning – now ascribed to all of us. Rather than narrative, setting, context, characters, dialogue, and emotion we have theological, sociological, and psychological precepts, doctrine, dogma, right and wrong, black and white. Instead of perfection – a woman – a man – a garden – a god – a snake – an apple – and a choice, we have evil – temptation – disobedience – sin – crime – punishment – consequences – banishment – and a curse.

Eve has an opinion about all this. She has a story to tell; a conversation to have.

The Conversation ~

She feels no need to bring you up to speed – or to defend herself. She cannot escape others’ interpretations, projections, triangularizations, total contempt, or even subliminal leanings. True, some have honored her, but they have been far fewer; their voices far quieter. She may not know where you stand, but she’s pretty sure she’s heard it all before.

So let me ask you…Do you ever feel like you just can’t get out from under the weight of one choice, one action, one step taken? Like one thing that you did, maybe in the heat of the moment or maybe even something you really thought through, just all went bad?

She pauses, completely certain that you do have such a story…or at least the fear of such a thing.

What’s that story? Tell me…

She sits calmly across from you. Hands entwined around her mug of tea. Eyes looking straight at you over its rim. Waiting for your response. Knowing that you’ve got one…even if you don’t feel like revealing such.

She feels your tension and chooses to rephrase:   post by Ronna Detrick