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Buy Art not People

artists blogathon day 12  C4 Atlanta

prompt: RANT

an impassioned form of expression.

There are more slaves today on the planet than any other time in history. Human trafficking, involves women, children and men.  If there is something to truly rant about for me this is it. Why  in the name of all that is can’t we find a way to be kind, share resources, and protect those in need.  About a year ago I did a tryptch for ‘Not For Sale’ Georgia chapter of NFS.  I wish I could say that the prints sold like crazy, all proceeds going to NFS. But no they did not. And in fact in an email somewhere in this process someone said of the prints ‘ WELL you know art doesn’t sell’!  So I rant about man’s inhumanity to man. I rant about all the ways people devalue each other, including us artists; certainly less tragic, but still un-necessary.

These giclee prints on archival paper, continue to be available here on my website under tab:  NFS