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Dreams of ‘HER’ she is there for me 24/7 what a gal.


Artists Blogathon Day 11. C4 Atlanta

Tools, resources & people.

1. What gaps do you have?

Technology & Photo Shop

2. Classes am I (not) dying to take?

Technology & Photo Shop

3. What resources do you feel are essential to the growth of your enterepreneurial pratice?

Technology & Photo Shop

4. If you had a super power what would it be?

Instant brilliance of the highest calibre mastery of Technology & Photo Shop, wave a of a wand. Shazzzam.

5. If you could work with anyone who would it be?

A team of tech geeks at my 24 hour disposal.

I am actually not bad on a computer, I can build a WordPress website, or a Wix website. I can do limited editing of photos (of course I have a mess in terms of organziation on my computer, especailly my photos of my art and need massive help organizing and then being able to get to my photos).   I’d  love to be fluent and be able to know all the quick tips, the ways to work effectively in photo shop, and all aspects of my computer, have a support tech team  that I can call when computer stuff isn’t working.

Maybe one like ‘Her’ she was terrific.

O.k. thats it for me tonight art buddies. Hitting a real life as opposed to virtual wall,  apres  long productive day working.







Still as a Hummingbird – Day 9. 2014.

 Oh ! She said the Light is just right

As she stroked canvas, paint, marks flew

Time was still as a hummingbird




photo: Jim DeLucca


March.9.2014. day : C4 Atlanta Blogathon

Reflections on past work: Egle’ 1973

Painting of Egle' My Studio at Georgia State University

Egle’ 1973 5.50′ x 6.50′ canvas & acrylic


This is one of my favorite pieces and is a painting of my dear friend and art colleague Egle’ Gatins. This period of painting for me was rich with subject matter that symbolized my love for color and patterns and also dolls. There were  many layers of depth and meaning including for me symbolism representing the feminine .  Egle’ is even painted as if she were a giant doll. And in fact  I did use a life size maniquin in my still lifes as model, one I  rescued from the garbage, (a practice one the nursing students at Grady Hospital used). I was primarily influenced by the  French painter Vuillard, a contemporary of Bonard and Matisse.  The series of paintings that I produced after this one just poured out of me, and I worked on this series for a couple of years. This work was some of my favorite; it was powerful, and flowed so easily. Recently I have been pulling out drawings from this time and feel an urge to integrate elements of this work into my current artwork.


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